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How to know anyone blocked you in WeChat?

June 1, 2017

“It’s so strange that except those WeChat contacts who sells products post WeChat moments every day, many other WeChat contacts seldom post some WeChat moments now. So I’m wondering if they have blocked me in WeChat, but how to know anyone blocked me in WeChat?” 

When our WeChat contacts blocked us on WeChat, there can be two conditions, like they completely blocked us, and we couldn’t even send them messages, or they just blocked us from seeing their WeChat moment, and we can still send them messages. 

And we’re glad to share you something about how to know anyone blocked us in WeChat, because many people are concerning about it. And we can reconsider about our friendship and do some adjustments and move on. Now see below tips about it. 

Check WeChat Moment from WeChat Contact Profile 

Now open your WeChat, go to WeChat contacts list, find them one you need to know if he or she have blocked you. Tap on his or her WeChat profile. 

Then you can click “Photo” option on their profile page, if you can see some WeChat moments there, it mean you haven’t be completely blocked. 

And if you can only see few WeChat moments, which are not concerning about themselves or their daily life, it may means that you have set you into a certain group that when he or she post something, she or he can choose if not allow this group to see the certain posts. 

Remark: some people may set their WeChat with feature that only allows strangers see 10 posts, when you open your WeChat contacts moments page, and scroll down, then you see this notification, it means he or she has deleted you. 

Send WeChat Messages to your WeChat Contact 

Another way we can have a try is that send some WeChat messages to our WeChat contacts. 

If our WeChat contacts have blocked us, when we send them messages, we’ll get some notification like “Your messages is rejected”, or “You can not send friend request”. 

When we receive this messages, things will be quite clear that we’re blocked or deleted. 

So when we’re blocked by someone, don’t be sad. Just think about the friends are still around us and precious your friendship. 

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