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Restore WeChat Data without iTunes


“I have done no backups of my WeChat data on iTunes, now I want to restore them. Anyone can help me restore my WeChat data without iTunes?” 

iTunes will always be our first choice to backup our iPhone iPad data, and we don’t need to worry about its storage space. But the problem is…

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How to Change Chat Background on WeChat


From this article, we’ll show you how to change WeChat background, when you have this kind of needs, please follow below steps. 

WeChat as one of the most popular chat apps, more and more people are joining it everyday. And we may check it several time for communicate with our friend…

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Backup Voice Recording on iPhone


“I use my iPhone to record some music from some local places, now i want to backup those voice recording my iPhone to keep them safe. Anyone can show me some methods about how to backup voice recording on iPhone?” 

We use voice memo app a lot during our daily life, like recording a…

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Change the Language on WeChat

“Recently i’m learning English and Chinese, also i joined some WeChat groups about English and Chinese learning, so i want to change the language on my WeChat. Anyone can show me how to change WeChat language?” 

As a cross-platform chat app, WeChat supports us to use it with many lan…

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Recover Lost WeChat Data after Uninstalling WeChat on iPhone

“I have no idea that after uninstalling WeChat, i will lost my WeChat messages. Now i need to get back those lost WeChat data, how could i recover lost WeChat data after uninstalling WeChat on iPhone?” 

“My WeChat always stuck when i use it recently, so i uninstall it and reinstall it on…

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Convert WeChat Audio Messages to MP3 Format


“I want to listen my WeChat audio mesages on my PC, is it possible for me to convert those WeChat audio messages to mp3 format?” 

To transform our WeChat audio messages to mp3 format, we will need to transfer those WeChat audio messages from our iPhone to PC first, then convert the…

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How do you know if your WeChat messages have been read

How do we know whether our WeChat messages have been read? 

Generally when we send out some WeChat messages and they reply us immediately, it means our WeChat messages have been read. Otherwise, we may be not sure about it, then we may keep wonder if our WeChat messages have been read, and w…

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Recover WeChat Contacts from Frozen WeChat Account

“My WeChat account is frozen, so i couldn’t log in it any more. But i need some of my WeChat contacts immediately and i want to add them with my new WeChat account. How do i recover WeChat contacts from frozen WeChat account?” 

There are some tips about recovering some of our WeChat co…

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Switch Speaker Mode off on WeChat

“When i do video chat or audio chat on WeChat with my friends, the sounds is quite low, so i turn on Speaker Mode. But i don’t need it any more and want to switch speaker mode off on WeChat, anyone can help me with it?” 

When the sound on WeChat is low, we may want to turn on Speaker mod…

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Get Back Blocked WeChat Account


“My WeChat account is blocked and i couldn’t log in it any more, is it possible for me to get back my blocked WeChat account?” 

When we do something violating WeChat rules, our WeChat account will be blocked. Now if your WeChat account is safe now, please not do anything against WeChat…

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View Deleted WeChat Data on iPhone 8


“I reinstalled WeChat on my iPhone 8 as it always stuck, now i couldn’t view all my old WeChat messages. So anyone can show me how to view deleted WeChat data on iPhone 8?” 

When we delete our WeChat conversation, or reinstall WeChat on iPhone, or we update our iPhone, or our iPh…

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What to do when WeChat account is blocked


What to do when our WeChat account is blocked? 

WeChat is becoming everyone’s must check chat app in their daily life, and we can not only use it to contacts our friends and family, but also can use it with many other social activities. So when our WeChat account is blocked, it will be…

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Transfer Halloween Photos on WeChat to PC

“On Halloween day, i dressed up my little baby, and she had a great time with her little friends, and also i took many photos for her. And share those photos to my friends via WeChat, also she shared some people with me about her baby. Now i want to backup those photos, how could i transfer Hall…

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Recover Lost WeChat Conversation on iPhone 8

“So lucky that my new iPhone 8 didn’t explode when charging it, but i lost some of my WeChat conversation occasionally, how could i recover those lost WeChat conversation on iPhone 8?” 

Every time when we change our iPhone or using our PC, we won’t forget to log in our WeChat and che…

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How to Change Profile Photo on WeChat

“My WeChat profile photo is still the one two years ago, and i see some of my WeChat friends always change their profile photo on WeChat, so i also want to change it with the one i like. How could i change my profile photo on WeChat?” 

WeChat profile photos can be our portrait photos, an…

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Restore WeChat Photos from iCloud

It’s quite convenient for us to do backup on iCloud, so we may backup our WeChat photos on iCloud, as we may receive and send many WeChat photos every day. But how could we restore WeChat photos from iCloud backup? 

Now from this article, we’ll show you some methods about how to restore We…

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How do you know about WeChat lucky Money?

Have you ever heard about WeChat lucky money? It’s very popular now in China, do you want to know something about WeChat lucky money? Now follow below steps. 

Why it’s called lucky money? Because New Year is here. And old people and parents usually will prepare some red pockets to their ch…

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Backup WeChat Video without iTunes

iTunes is recommended by Apple to do backup, what if you didn’t use iTunes? How do you backup your WeChat videos without iTunes? 

If there is always something wrong with your iTunes, or you couldn’t backup your iPhone data successfully on iTunes, then you’re suggested to read this page, an…

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Transfer WeChat Messages from iPhone to iPad

“I need to transfer my WeChat messages from iPhone to iPad, how could i transfer my WeChat messages from iPhone to iPad?” 

“I treasure all my WeChat messages with my friends, now i need to pass my old iPhone to my niece, so i need to transfer my WeChat messages from iPhone to my iPad. An…

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Restore WeChat Group Audio Messages on iPad

“There are many WeChat group audio messages on my iPad, and i have no time to listen them right now. So i want to restore those WeChat group audio messages on my iPad, in case i lost some of them.” 

When talking about restoring WeChat group audio messages on iPad, most od may think about…

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