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Backup WeChat Chat History on iPhone

As we know WeChat server couldn’t help us save our WeChat chat history, so knowing some ways about how to backup WeChat chat history on iPhone is very important, in case we lost them in future. 

Also somebody says that they have use WeChat server to help them transfer WeChat chat history t…

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Change User Name on WeChat

“My WeChat ID is created by my daughter, so WeChat user name is also set by her. Now i have a better user ID, how could i change my user name on WeChat?” 

It’s common that many old man are joining WeChat every day, because it’s more convenient for them to connect with their daughter and …

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Backup WeChat Messages on iPhone

“I remember that my mother have sent me some WeChat messages last night, but i couldn’t find them this morning. To avoid losing more WeChat messages, anyone can teach me how to backup WeChat messages on iPhone?” 

“One of my classmate have borrowed some money from me through WeChat, and…

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Play WeChat Audio Messages from iPhone to PC

Do you want to transfer and play your WeChat audio messages on PC? Now we’re going to show you how to play WeChat audio messages from iPhone to PC here, and you can have a try. 

WeChat support us to send and receive audio messages, so many people would like to do it, as we don’t need to te…

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Recover Lost WeChat Photos on iPad

Have your ever lost some WeChat photos on your iPad? How do you recover those lost WeChat photos on iPad? 

Every day, we’ll check our WeChat for several times to view the photos our friends have sent to us, or send some good friends to our friends via WeChat, it has been a part of our life. …

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Upload WeChat Messages to a New iPhone

“I have bought a new iPhone, but i also want to view my old WeChat messages on my new iPhone, how to upload WeChat messages to a new iPhone?” 

As we know WeChat doesn’t support us to store WeChat chat history on WeChat server, so we’ll need to backup them with other ways. But some people…

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How to Create WeChat Group Chat?

“Some of my friends have create a WeChat group chat, and invited me into the WeChat group. Now i also want to create a WeChat group chat for my family, how to create that WeChat group chat?” 

When create a WeChat group chat, the group members can chat together. Like family groups may cha…

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Backup WeChat Contacts on iPhone

“I have lost some of my WeChat contacts before, i don’t want this kind of things happen again. So i want to backup them on my iPhone, anyone can help me backup WeChat contacts on iPhone?” 

After graduating, we have lost contact with many friends and colleague, also we are in different ci…

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Recover Lost WeChat Data on iPhone 7

Using WeChat a lot right? How do you recover your lost WeChat data on iPhone 7? Including your WeChat contacts, messages, photos ect? 

WeChat data is much more important for us now, because you can have no phone number of someone, but you should have their WeChat ID. It means how close you’r…

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The Difference between Facebook and WeChat

Facebook and WeChat are the most similar social contact platform, what’s the difference between Facebook and WeChat? 

“Some people like to use WeChat to share their daily life to their friends, while some other people like to use Facebook to share their daily life. And now as many of our f…

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