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Transfer WeChat Messages from Old iPhone to New iPhone

We can log in WeChat on different devices, but the messages won’t sync. As we know WeChat couldn’t help us store WeChat messages, how could we transfer WeChat messages from one device to another device? 

Although WeChat server can only keep WeChat messages for 7 days, we can still use it…

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View WeChat photos through iCloud Backup

“How could i view WeChat photos through my iCloud backup? I couldn’t find some of them from my iPhone, and i don’t want to restore them from my iCloud, because it will need us to erase all content and settings.” 

iCloud is a good way for us to backup iPhone data, and we can do it any…

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What Can WeChat Do within Daily Life?

Most of us are using WeChat now, what are you using WeChat do? What can WeChat do within our daily life? 

“I usually use WeChat to chat with my family, because we’re working in different cities.” 

“I usually use WeChat to post some moment, because i like to take photos and share th…

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How to Add WeChat Friends on Red iPhone 7

“I’m using WeChat for a while, how to add WeChat friends on red iPhone 7? I want to chat with my friends through WeChat, as it’s more instant and convenient.” 

Like other chat apps, we can also add new friends on our WeChat, as first, WeChat will prompt some notification with the con…

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Extract WeChat Messages from iPhone to PC

“I want to extract my WeChat messages from iPhone to PC, anyone can help you with it?” 

WeChat sever couldn’t help us to backup our WeChat data, so when we want to keep our WeChat data safe, we will need to backup them or extract them from iPhone to PC. Normal way for us to extract them …

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The Guide to Understand WeChat

Are you using WeChat? How to you know about WeChat? Here is the guide to understand WeChat. 

Most of us are using WeChat now, and many others are joining WeChat every day. What do you do within WeChat? Chatting with friends or doing money transferring? Also many people are using it to call t…

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Lost WeChat Contacts on iPhone, What to do?

What to do when we lost some of our WeChat contacts on iPhone? Any methods we can do to recover those lost WeChat contacts on iPhone? 

WeChat contacts are as important as our phone contacts, because most of us are contacting our friends, family and colleagues via WeChat. Because it’s more co…

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How to Recover WeChat Recall Messages on Red iPhone 7?

“I’m using WeChat on my new red iPhone 7, recently many friends are sending recall messages through WeChat, but i couldn’t view them. Anyone can show me how to recover those WeChat recall messages on red iPhone 7?” 

No matter you’re using old iPhone or new red iPhone 7, it doesn’t su…

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What is WeChat?

Whether you’re using WeChat now, or you just heard about it. In this article, we’ll learn something about the very popular chat App WeChat, and what is WeChat? 

WeChat is the most popular chat app in China now, we can shopping, arrange money transfer and payment, play games, make video c…

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